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We have been a ‘welcoming’ congregation for years, for LGBTQ Christians. This registration enables those who wish to come to a church but may be fearful of the kind of welcome they might receive, to check online to find a church that is happy to see them.

A celebration is planned at St. Gall’s to mark this step in our church life.

As a Christian parent of a gay son we experienced rejection, so I rejoice that Kevin and I were embraced by everyone at St. Gall’s and also Kevin’s partner Lewi. Acceptance at church means so much to me and all my family.

In scripture we read that God celebrates with joy and Jesus loves a party, so it has been decided that on January 28th, 2020 to have an event. A bash for our whole congregation and invite folk, their families and friends, to be with us.

Richard O’Leary, storyteller, will tell a story. Kim Walsh plans to bring a painting and tell us how it is illustrative of her life over many years. Ryan McMillen’s musical talent will entertain us. And art – there will be paintings exhibited – images to portray and depict people loved by God.

The video; ‘Why I chose my LGBTQ daughter over the Evangelical Church/ Susan Cottrell’ will show. Susan Cottrell tells her story in an honest and heartfelt way. It is the same narrative for many parents, family and friends of LGBTQ not only in Northern Ireland but throughout the world.

So, a date for your diary. Tuesday. January 28th from 7.30 p.m. Everyone welcome!

Mary Gilfillan

Kevin and Mary
Kevin & Mary

The celebration was very successful attended by 88 people made up of St. Gall’s congregation and people from all over Northern Ireland. It was a very positive event, spiritually refreshing and of importance to many who were welcomed and accepted in a main stream church.

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