Camino de Santiago – April 2019 – Children in Crossfire

How amazing it was to wake up each morning and set out to walk approximately 20 km through beautiful countryside I had never been to.  Each road or pathway walked, differed from the kilometre before, yet I felt at home as Northern Spain is very similar to our beautiful Northern Ireland.  

The quiet Finisterre Camino is a unique route, as it is the only Camino trail starting in Santiago de Compostela and heading West to the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Fisterra.  It is an ancient trail linked to the pre-Christian origins of the Camino de Santiago.

There were 14 in the Children in Crossfire team.  Sometimes two or three of us walked together and at times we walked alone.  We met people from many parts of the world and greeted each other with ‘beun camino’ which means ‘good path’. Often in the middle of the countryside there would be a café where we got our passport stamps and caught up those who liked to walk out front.   

Each morning we packed our bags and they were transported and waiting for us at our daily journey end.  One night we were in a small dormitory and that was the only night I needed to use my ‘ear plugs’! These were a gift that came with a beautiful camino shell, wooden cross attached, as well as Jerusalem Cross flower seeds that I planted along the way.

The journey of over 100km was wonderful, completed without any aches or pains nor did I have any blisters or abrasions on my feet.


To date I have raised £1271 for Children in Crossfire. My sincere thanks to all those who contributed.

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  1. Mary these are beautiful and bring back glorious memories. Must try to get to your studio soon
    You are a very talented lady xxx

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