Talk to Your Mountain, Exhibition

‘Talk to Your Mountain’ is a biblical concept that ties together with the title painting, made after watching the television programme ‘Antony Gormley – How Art Began’.

The colourful, abstract, and figurative paintings are mostly oil on canvas. Some are inspired by the French painter of Russian origin Nicolas de Staēl (1914-1955) known for his use of thick impasto. I am influenced by the approach of Irish artist, Damien Flood (b. 1979) whose paintings are created from his imagination as well as the blending of his encounters and memories.  My desire for ‘Talk to Your Mountain’ series, is that the viewer may experience and sense a mix of personal, a universal concept that may or may not escape the written word. 

There are several collages where I have used print to communicate, motivated by the simple, yet beautiful collage pieces made by Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973).

The video ‘Why I chose my LGBT daughter over the Evangelical Church/Susan Cottrell’ tells her story in an honest and heartfelt way. It is the same narrative for many parents, family and friends of LGBTQ+ not only in Northern Ireland but throughout the world.

Mary Gilfillan                                                                                   April 2019

My aspiration is that this exhibition may address some religious attitudes and bigotry towards LGBT people. I want to cram and crowd the walls with heaven and people loved by God.

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